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About the Media for Freedom Summit

Freedom is the foundation of modern societies, it leads to enhanced expressions of creativity, original thoughts, social development and an overall high quality of life. Free media are key to a healthy, equitable, free society. Journalists hold politicians and business people accountable, inform the public and provide a platform to share opinions and make sure minority issues are being heard.

MEDIA FOR FREEDOM SUMMIT brings together people shaping the sustainable future of the media industry.

MEDIA FOR FREEDOM SUMMIT (previously: the Press Freedom Conference) is a platform aimed to empower journalists to continue their work critically and independently, to secure freedom of speech, as a pillar of European democracies.

The third edition of the conference was an online experience and treated about the role of media and press freedom in CEE countries in the new VUCA reality. At the first edition of the Press Freedom Conference in Bratislava, we discussed with representatives of the European Parliament, the Slovak government, publishers and journalists from all over Europe how to support journalists in fulfilling their mission, in critically reporting on reality and, above all, in maintaining journalistic independence. The second edition, which took place in Gdańsk, Poland was devoted to the challenges related to hate speech.
Let’s make sure journalists are empowered in perceiving their mission. Let’s make sure we live in a well-informed, truly free society, where truth prevails, and everybody has the right to speak-up, stand up for his values.

Meet our 2022 speakers

Andreas Schwab
Andreas Schwab
Member of the European Parliament, Rapporteur for the Digital Markets Act
Mark Brzezinski
Mark Brzezinski
United States Ambassador to Poland
Carl Bernstein
Carl Bernstein
Pulitzer Prize Winning Journalist, Author and Political Analyst
Carole Cadwalladr
Carole Cadwalladr
investigative reporter
The Guardian and The Observer
Roman Anin
Roman Anin
Laurent Richard
Laurent Richard
Forbidden Stories
Matthew  Caruana Galizia
Matthew Caruana Galizia
Daphne Caruana Galizia Foundation
Sophie Zhang
Sophie Zhang
Data Scientist, Facebook whistleblower
Meera Selva
Meera Selva
Director, Fellowship Program
Reuters Institute

What will be discussed?

Media under GAFA and anti-democratic laws
Will media freedom prevail?

Authoritarian regimes and big business both use public policy and legal action to squash the unwanted truth exposed by the free media. With SLAPP, foreign agent labels, and fake news laws, their creativity is reaching new heights. Can the free media resist the growing pressure from these ever more powerful actors?

Media in the age of surveillance
Can the media expose Big Brother to help democracy?

Journalists are increasingly becoming targets of spyware and phishing attacks. With sophisticated technology deployed against them, it is harder than ever to expose the truth and protect their sources. Big brother’s victims include the wider public, too. Politicians and business people use social media platforms and their advanced AI algorithms to promote their misleading narratives. Free democratic choice is usually at stake.

150 media experts

from all over the world





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