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22-23.02.2022, Warsaw

Hybrid event*

*Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we may need to change the event format from the hybrid mode to online only. You can expect the final decision from the organizers in late January 2022.


Freedom is the foundation of modern societies, it leads to enhanced expressions of creativity, original thoughts, social development and an overall high quality of life. Free media are key to a healthy, equitable, free society. Journalists hold politicians and business people accountable, inform the public and provide a platform to share opinions and make sure minority issues are being heard.

MEDIA FOR FREEDOM SUMMIT brings together people shaping the sustainable future of the media industry.

MEDIA FOR FREEDOM SUMMIT (previously: the Press Freedom Conference) is a platform aimed to empower journalists to continue their work critically and independently, to secure freedom of speech, as a pillar of European democracies.
The third edition of the conference will be an online experience and will examine the role of media and press freedom in CEE countries in the new VUCA reality. At the first edition of the Press Freedom Conference in Bratislava, we discussed with representatives of the European Parliament, the Slovak government, publishers and journalists from all over Europe how to support journalists in fulfilling their mission, in critically reporting on reality and, above all, in maintaining journalistic independence. The second edition, which took place in Gdańsk, Poland was devoted to the challenges related to hate speech.

Let’s make sure journalists are empowered in perceiving their mission. Let’s make sure we live in a well-informed, truly free society, where truth prevails, and everybody has the right to speak-up, stand up for his values.

Meet our 2021 speakers

Věra Jourová

Vice President

European Commission
Lech Wałęsa

Former President of Poland

Nobel Peace Prize Winner
Judit Varga

Minister of Justice

Mathias Döpfner

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Axel Springer SE
Stephen Brown


B. Bix Aliu

Charge d'Affaires

U.S. Embassy in Poland
Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya

The leader of democratic Belarus and a human rights activist

Christophe Deloire

General and Executive Director

Reporters Without Borders
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What was discussed in 2021

Media being bought by politicians, oligarchs, steered by business. Journalists being pressured, intimidated, arrested and even killed. Is this the new reality of the world we will live in? Can we afford a world without free media, different opinions, a platform for discussion? Where would it lead us, us as individuals, us as a society, us as democracy?
Social (ir)responsibility? The new role of social media
Polarisation has become one of the most challenging phenomena of recent years, dangerous for the free speech, dangerous for democracy. A world triggered by tribal instincts, opposing views, hostility has become the new social and political norm. How can technology, media and social media lead the way out of this situation, how can they tackle the challenge?
How to secure the freedom of media? Financing and regulations
There is no free media without independent financing. Only a source of income for media, not related to governments or politicians, allows them to remain independent and fulfil the journalistic mission. How to secure the economical sustainability of the media business model? How to support the journalistic independence?
media experts from all over CEE

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Our guests about freedom of media

Words have consequences, that is why it is very important to fight against hate speech, fake news.
James Shotter, Central Europe Correspondent, Financial Times
I beg the media to join the discussion on what this world should look like.
Lech Wałęsa, former President of Poland, Nobel Prize Winner
When we speak, we are heard.
Jerzy Owsiak, Founder, Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity
For me, the most important thing in prison was to keep on writing.
Deniz Yücel, Correspondent, Die Welt, Germany
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